•               Hi! I'm Pratik

  •     I am a Computer Scientist

About Myself

Who Am I?

Hello there, I'm Pratik Karki (Pronounced: pruh-teek). I'm a Grinnell College '20 Computer Scientist from Kathmandu, Nepal. I love programming and creating transformative things that reach out to diverse groups of people. On the side, I'm a huge film enthusiast, and spend a lot of time reading books on films, shooting and editing my own projects, and watching quite a lot of movies.

Cups of coffee
(and counting)

My first experience with computer programming was during college. I was immediately captivated by the scope of the field and awestruck by the creative power I could wield through my fingertips (fueled by a few handy cups of coffee). After immersing myself in this field for the better part of the last few years, all while pursuing other side projects that relate to my passion of films, I can gladly state I have gained a better understanding of many of the key areas of computer science.

What am I good at?

some of my skills

Creative Solutions

The life of a Computer Scientist is tackling problems through creative means

Software Design

Experience in projects dealing with Java, C, C#, and Ruby on Rails

Mobile Software

Through working in my college's Application Development team

Graphic Design

Designing creative and useful graphics for visual projects is my forte

UI/UX Design

Helping the clients and users better interact with the application

What do I know?

My proficiency in languages

I've had the opportunity to work projects that developed a variety of applications through these languages:



Ruby on Rails















Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Economics at Grinnell College, IA.

  • Current Courses: Theory of Computing, Design Workshop, Mobile Software Development, User Interface Design, Hungarian Language and Culture
  • Fall Semester 2016: Dean's List
  • Fall Semester 2018: Semester Abroad in Aquincum Institute of Technology in Budapest, Hungary
  • Grinnell College Football Team: Wide Receiver and representing member of International Athletes and Allies (IAA)

Completed Cambridge International Examination (CIE) A-Levels at Rato Bangala School, Lalitpur, Nepal with a focus on Business and Economics.
Leadership Positions:

  • President: Business Club
  • Vice-President: Interact Club (Youth Club associated with Rotary International)

Courses taken and grades awarded:

  • Mathematics: A*
  • Economics: A
  • Business Studies: A
  • English: A
  • Accounting: A

Work Experience

Local Sightings Intern for Northwest Film Forum Summer 2018

Primarily associated with marketing and programming for the Local Sightings Film Festival, which features films made by directors from the Pacific Northwest region. Redeveloped the website and archived past film festivals, promoted and worked on outreach, and edited promotional videos and trailers.

Local Foods Connection Spring 2018

UI lead and secondary lead programmer for a project for Local Foods Connection, a non-profit organization based in Grinnell, IA. Included better search functionality and database of farms. Updated website UI and made it more accessible for users.

Grinnell AppDev 2017-2018

Trained with AppDev in Android Development and successfully created a group project mobile application for AppDev member profiles. Helped create a database for keys projects, which included dining application, events, and the college database.

Front End Developer at Creasion Nepal Summer 2017

Redeveloped website for Creasion Nepal, a non-profit organization. Also initiated work on a mobile news application for the organization. In addition, aided in programming and marketing of the various events.

Service Learning Internship Gap Year 2015-2016

Worked with this non-profit organization in order to help out Earthquake victims in rural parts of Nepal during my gap year after high school. Traveled, worked, and surveyed students and teachers in many rural schools of Nepal. Raised funds by working in stalls that sold childrens books in various places in Nepal. Conducted data entry and presented reports on schools in villages in the 2015 Nepal Earthquake epicenter region.

Teaching Volunteer for Dailekh School Project Winter 2014

Taught Science and Mathematics to class 10 students in a high school in the mountainous district of Dailekh. Volunteered to work there to support students who had an upcoming secondary school completion examination. Provided individual tutoring to students upon request after school hours.

My Work

Recent Work

Local Sightings Film Festival

Website, UI/UX, Statistical Analysis

100 49

Local Foods Connection

Website, Database Development, UI/UX

120 30

Creasion Nepal

Website and Mobile Application

220 18


Android Application Development

140 29

Intern at Rato Bangala Foundation

Website, Earthquake Relief, Education

120 40

Teaching Volunteer

Volunteer, Teaching, Education

100 49


Personal Interests


I always loved traveling as a kid, and took it upon myself to compile a list of places I've traveled with my family here on my presentation on Prezi . More recently, I've had the opportunity to travel a variety of countries through college courses and self-funded travel. Travel, if possible, is one of the best ways to fully engage in the experience of diverse cultures and be fully empathetic of others.

May 20, 2017 | Madrid, Spain
June 3, 2017 | Athens, Greece
August 2, 2017 | Agra, India

Wilderness and Hiking

Being Nepali and the love for hiking go along like fine wine and cheese. I've always cherished the experience of being totally surrounded by greenery and the pure silence of nature. I loved exploring the untouched vistas of rural Nepal, something my gap year and equally enthusiast family environment afforded. Even in the US, I haven't strayed from that occasional hike during the weekend or breaks.

June 20, 2018 | Beckler Peak, Washington
July 4, 2018 | Mount Hood, Oregon
February 4, 2013 | Phalikot, Nepal


Growing up, films and TV introduced me to Western culture and expanded my worldview. Naturally, I grew up wanting to pursue Filmakking as a hobby. I did create a few passion projects with my friends (one of which is linked below). I continued this passion by interning at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle during Summer of 2018, where I got to involve myself in the behind the scenes of bringing films of underrepresented groups into the spotlight.

May 20, 2018 | Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
July 15, 2018 | Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
November 20, 2014 | Kathmandu, Nepal